Welcome to MFB Laundry Services

At MFB Laundry Services, we aim to provide the highest standards of laundry and dry-cleaning as well as a fast and efficient collection and delivery service.

We ensure that your clothes, bedding, towels, tablecloths, napkins, etc are well laundered or dry-cleaned and we are one of the few laundries across Essex and London that combine this with a superb weekly collection and delivery system to your home or place of work.

We also supply a great range of white cotton linen & toweling to Hotels, Restaurants and Bars with individual laundry service packages. If you are in need of uniforms or workwear we are able to provide those as well. We have various packages available in form of rental or bespoke.

Services We Provide

Hotels & Laundry
Workwear & Uniforms
Schools & Colleges
Bed Linen
Table Linen
Towel Laundry

How It Works


Call us and schedule a pick up for your laundry or dry cleaning.


Our vans will pick up your items at the agreed time and location.


Your clothes will be returned the next day, clean and ready to wear.

Best Laundry Services in Southend

Your clothing conveys a lot about your personality. It is your unique identity. MFB Laundry Services in Southend, Colchester and Marble Arch only adds to this statement by delivering a fresh, clean set of clothing to your door every day, washed, and ironed. MFB Laundry provides dry cleaning and laundry collection and delivery services in Southend to individuals and businesses.

MFB Laundry Services, which operates in Southend and Essex, is committed to providing its clients with the best laundry service in and around Southend.

MFB Laundry is committed to taking complete care of your home and laundry. Our services include taking care of all your dirty laundry, picking it up and delivering it, altering, repairing, and shining shoes, and keeping your home clean.

Again, you can choose which items require washing, drying, and ironing, whether they are your office shirts, a delicate blouse, or the entire family’s duvets, pillows, and sheets. To meet your needs, we offer convenient laundry pick-up service packages such as “Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold” or “Wash & Iron.”

We have a highly skilled team of personnel who handle all your dirty wearables to ensure that you look fresh and presentable every morning.

Your clothes will be chemical-free and allergy-free thanks to our high-tech washing machines and the use of bio-degradable and eco-friendly cleaning agents.

MFB Laundry is the best laundry service in Southend, Colchester and Marble Arch because of how we care for your home and bedding.

Our staff ensures that your home is free of germs, mold, and bacteria, providing you and your family with a clean and sanitary environment. We make certain that none of your family members suffer from allergies caused by the growth of germs and mold in your home’s rugs, carpets, and curtains.

MFB Laundry offers alteration services to give your old or new clothes a new shape, design, and look. Our in-house tailor handles all clothing issues, from stitching up a torn button to altering the garment to fit perfectly on your body.

After repairing, our craftsman makes your shoes and stilettos look shinier than ever and damaged ones completely unidentifiable and renewed.

Our prompt pick-up and drop-off service at your door make MFB Laundry the cheap laundry delivery service in and around Southend. Our delivery boys can pick up all your dirty linen in 30 minutes and deliver it washed and folded in 24 hours or less. We are the best laundry and dry-cleaning service in Southend because of our unparalleled, undivided attention to small details and dedication to our customers. Our keen attention to the smallest details, such as cleaning tough stains that have become glued to your clothes before washing them further, or handling delicate fabrics with the utmost care, has distinguished us as a one-of-a-kind laundry service.

Our solutions are not only cost-effective and dependable, but they are also backed by our Quality Guarantee policy. So, whether you require a laundry or/and dry-cleaning service or a full linen hire and clean option, MFB Laundry Services will provide an exceptional experience. Doing laundry has never been easier, with competitive prices and high flexibility in terms of your needs – so get a quote today!

If you want to learn more about us, please contact us at 01708 952007 or 07412 387367.