Hotels & Laundry

Laundry operations may often prove to be a source of concern for many hotels due to the operational costs of running an in-house laundry. The costs incurred from running laundry machines, dry-cleaning linen and water bills often spirals out of control.

This is why many hotels outsource laundry and MFB Laundry Services happens to be the laundry and dry-cleaning partner choice for many of such brands across Essex and London. This is because we provide high-quality services that offer perfect solutions to their laundry problems and we ensure that guests have a pleasant experience.

We also provide luxurious towels and linens to hotels, guesthouses and service apartments; helping them improve efficiency and take advantage of our pay-as-you-go services. When you combine this with our laundry service, your hotel is assured of consistent cleaning and pressing at reasonable prices.

We offer Laundry Services for:

  • Bed linen laundry
  • Towel laundry
  • Restaurant and Kitchen laundry
  • Staff uniform laundry

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